Spice Oleoresin may be defined in layman terms as the essence of a spice. It contains the essential oil which reflects the taste components and pigments of the spice. Spice Extracts can replace spice powder in food and flavour formulation without losing any flavor characteristics. Spice Oleoresin is recovered from the spice by solvent extraction or steam distillation.


We offer spice oleoresins in liquid form which retain the medicinal value of whole spices and have a consistent flavor. Importance of spices in the medicinal field of Ayurveda, a holistic system of medicine practiced in India for over 3,000 years, is no secret. Spices are nature's medicine. We use tested and proven methods and advanced technologies in our manufacturing process. It is indeed our in-depth research and development of over 70 years in the field of spice oleoresin production that enabled us to uncover manufacturing processes conforming to superior technical standards. Our end products reflect our commitment to quality.

Advantages of Spice Oleoresins

    ----• Uniform and standardized flavor.

    ----• Free from soil contamination or microbial
    ----- contamination.

    ----• Extended shelf - life.

    ----• Occupies storage space.


Consultant Services

We also offer our expertise in the form of consultant, designing & optimization services by taking up assignments of setting up turnkey oleoresin and herbal extract production plants. This includes guidance in process designing, product development, establishing production plant and bringing it up to industrial production level. We also have the facility to fabricate the required machinery for the plant and the lab facilities to check the consistency of the product. With 7 decades of experience in the spice oleoresin industry, we offer training and consulting services for spice extraction plant design and construction.

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