Spice oleoresins and spice oils

Spice oleoresins and spice oils are the flavour extracts from the spices that reproduce the character of the respective spice such as aroma of spice and the attributes which contribute to the taste such as pungency.Spice oleoresins are largely used for flavoring of food particularly by large scale food processing and flavoring industries like meat canning, sauces, soft drinks, pharmaceutical preparations, perfumery and soap, tobacco, confectionery and bakery. Due to their uniformity in flavour and taste and with the advantages of being easy to store and transport,spice oleoresins are becoming more popular for use in fast food chains.Our products include oleoresins and spice oils from Chilli peppers,turmeric,pepper,ginger and other spices.

Natural food colours and flavours

Due to growing consumer concerns surrounding synthetic dye,the use of natural food colours and flavours is gaining popularity in the food industry in India and abroad.These natural flavours and colours obtained from plant raw material can be used in their natural form or processed form for consumption by human beings with adverse affects on health.To preserve the quality of the products,we use packaging that adheres to the industry specified standards.

Essential oils

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants.Essential oils are used in food preparations ,perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and other products and for adding scents to incense and household cleaning products.With the popularity of aromatherapy, a branch of alternative medicine based on the finding that essential oils and aromatic compounds have curative effects,the demand for our quality essential oils has increased.

Soft Soap

Soft soap is a biodegradable compononent consisting of potassium fatty acids and hence,is not considered a pollutant.Soft soaps have been used for more than two centuries to control insects and now with the growing awareness of the toxic effects of harsh chemicals,the usage of softsoap as a safer alternative has been garnering interest.Being mild,it can be used against plant fungal diseases without risk of spray scorch and as a general purpose sanitiser.Soft soap in its industrial application is a lubricant and used as an antispetic in the production of surgical intstruments.

Fish Oil Rosin soap

Fish oil rosin soap is an excellent bio pesticide recommended by several agricultural universities against sucking pests and insects and provides a safe alternative for several of the chemical pesticides available in the market today. It also improves the overall growth of the plant.

Flake soap

Flake soap is a very mild cleaner which does not contain bleaches, chemicals, dyes, enzymes, perfumes, or phosphates.Flake soap can be used for washing of delicate fabrics and natural fibers like cotton, wool, silk, chiffon and specially treated waterproof sports and outdoor clothing. Flake soap is ideal for people who are allergic to detergents. It can be used alone or with other cleaning products. There are also a plethora of industrial applications for flake soaps

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